Rental Catalog in Southbury, CT.

Chatfield True Value is the local, full-service hardware store to find what you need for your home improvement project in Southbury, CT. There are some supplies you’d like to have for a project, but likely won’t need to use again. Instead of having to purchase these products and keep them forever, we offer you the option of renting these supplies for one-time use.

You will find a tremendous selection of rental supplies at Chatfield True Value. We have the rentals that can help you get the job done or put on a great event. We have rental products for do-it-yourself projects, parties, moves, office upgrades, and more. Check out our full catalog of rental supplies.


Rental Categories.

  • Party & Event
  • Wedding
  • Contractor
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Landscaping
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Moving & Shipping
  • Home & Business

Contact Chatfield True Value to ask about all our rental products and how you can borrow what you need for any special project or occasion.

Party & Wedding Rentals


Everything you need for a birthday party, a backyard event, or a special celebration can be rented with us.

We Offer Pickup & Delivery Services.