Tidewater Sailcloth Tent 44 series
Price-4 HoursPrice-DayPrice-WeekPrice-Month
N/A$44x43-1607 44x63 2552 44x83 3497 44x103 4443N/AN/A
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Inspired by the sea, the sculpted peaks and eaves of the Tidewater Sailcloth Tent, all wooden poles combined with a no valance design create an open airy event space like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The highly translucent sailcloth fabric allows natural light to enhance your next daytime event and positively glows when lit for evening gatherings.

This is our 44 series and it is the perfect choice if you want the classic sea inspired look but at a more narrow fit compared to our 51 series. This tent comes in four sizes from our smallest 44’x43′ to the largest at 44’x103′.

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