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Stomper XH730 Honda GX100 Float Carburetor, Medium Rammer
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Stomper XH730 medium sized rammer with an impact force of 3100 lbs. Lightweight, smooth running and easy to operate Stone Stompers deliver maximum impact force, superior handling, control and reliability. Ideal for compaction of small trenches, utility and piping work, along abatements and walls.

* Powered by GX100 with a float carburetor * Shoe size 11″ x 13″ * Impact force 3100 lbs. * Max. blows/min 690 * Specially-designed carburetor for the 4-cycle models allows the Stomper to be laid down and picked up and keep on running. * Select from either a float or diaphragm carburetor depending on operating preference. * Precision components including forged pistons and solid snubbers provide extra reliability and durability. * Exclusive modular design cuts service time in half. * Quadruple fuel filtration system reduces job site fuel contamination for more run time and longer life. * Dual stage, top mounted air filtration system provides optimum air flow to reduce engine wear and extend life. * An innovative, snap-on contoured hood delivers a dynamic sound absorbing system. * Convenient lifting handles and optional wheels that attach to the handle provide easier mobility in or out of truck beds.

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