RP850G Reversible Plate Honda GX270
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RP850G Reversible Plate with a working width of 24″ and a centrifugal force 8543 lbs. This plate offers superior compaction in any direction. Forward. Reverse. On the spot. Ideal for compacting sand, gravel, and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls, and abutments.

* Powered by Honda GX270 * Base plate size 24″ x 34″ * Centrifugal force 8543 lbs. * Hydrostatic drive * Infinite adjustment of eccentrics allows “on-the-spot” compaction. * Easy-to-reach, centrally located operating controls. * Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental damage. * Centrally located oil-lubricated dual exciter provides a low center of gravity. Improves maneuverability and stability. * Heavy-duty wear-resistant steel base plates for optimum performance. * Fully hydrostatic, infinitely variable speed range allows for faster compacting, greater maneuverability and superior control.

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