Porta-Nails Porta Nailer Pro Kit, 16 ga Manual Floor Nailer
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The Porta Nailer Pro (410) manual flooring nailer will blind nail 5/8” and 3/4” Domestic Hardwood Flooring. The 410 can be used for 9/16” and 33/32” Domestic Flooring and Bamboo but will require optional shoe pads or shoe assembly’s sold separately. The 410 features a ratcheting ram allowing for single or multi-hit functionality guaranteeing are properly set in the tongue of the flooring. Multi-hit functionality minimizes installer fatigue and insures greater impact and floor tightness. The410 Nailer can use T or L style 16 gauge barbed flooring cleat nails in lengths of (T Nails: 2”, 1-1/2” and 1-3/16”) (L-Nails: 2”, 1-3/4” and 1-1/2”). The Porta Nailer Pro uses an integrated bypass pusher system and delivers extra protection to Pre Finished Floors with a Shoe Base System that position in front and on top of the flooring for perfect tool balance and protection of the top flooring edge. This made in the USA tool is

• Uses Both T And L Style 16 Ga Flooring Nails • Ratcheting Ram Allows For Single Or Multi Hit • New Design Uses A Modern By Pass Pusher • Nailer Shoe Positions In Front Of The Flooring Tongue • Improves Tool Balance By Resting On The Subfloor • 9/16″ and 33/32″ Shoe Pads available( Sold Separately) • Face Nailing Shoe Available (Sold Separately) • Bamboo Shoe Available (Sold Separately) • Lightweight And Easy To Use. • Includes Carry Case & How to DVD • Made in the USA

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