Outdoor Movie Theater
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Inflatable movie screen with projector and wifi enabled Blu-Ray player.

Bring the magic of the big screen to your neighborhood park, corporate event or home, transforming your yard into an instant outdoor movie theater. Imagine the big game, poolside party or birthday party transformed into a drive in movie theater.

Our outdoor movie theater features a seamless white matte projection screen with dynamic stretch and wrinkle free surface. The back of the screen boasts a blackout backdrop that eliminates interference from street lights, house lights, headlights and other light noise.

The state of the art cinebox projector features 1080p HD high lumen outdoor projection with wifi enabled, streaming compatible and Blu-ray (DVD) player for the highest quality picture. You have access to over 300 streaming services from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon and more (with your own subscription). Comes with a loud dual speaker system for the best quality sound.

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