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L.B. White Premier 80 Portable Forced Air Ductable Unit Heater
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These versatile heaters, used by many to heat tents for events, are also great for small or large work spaces, renovation jobs, and any application where an enclosed flame or low noise is important. Premier heaters can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation inside, or be ducted in from the outside.

**Requires 100lb Propane Tank**

• Box heater, direct-fired
• 80,000 BTUH, LPG
• Max fuel consumption = 3.7 lbs./hr.
• Heated Air Output = 450 CFM
• Amp draw = 5.0 (starting)/ 1.5 (operating), 115V
• Electronic spark ignition
• 20′ remote start thermostat standard
• Self Diagnostic Service Saver features
• Length = 30.0 in., Width = 14.0 in., Height = 20.0 in., Shipping weight = 88.0 lbs.
• Gas regulator, POL valve, and 15′ gas hose standard
• 12′ extendable ducting optional
• Vent mode for simply circulating air
• Tri-Shield finish provides extended protection against abrasion and corrosion
• CSA certified

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