40x Series Pole Tent
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N/A$40x40-1440 40x60-2160 40x80-2880 40x100-3600N/AN/A
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This 40x style tent is perfect for any large scale event. Our 40’x Series can be built in a number of sizes from 40’x40′ up to 40’x100′. This high peak tension style tent features 22′ center poles and 8′ side legs. It can seat up to 160 under a 40’x40′ and up to 400 under our 40’x100′.

– 40’x40′ – Seats 160 – 1600sq. ft. – One Center Pole

– 40’x60′ – Seats 240 – 2400sq. ft. – Two Center Poles

– 40’x80′ – Seats 320 – 3200sq. ft. – Three Center Poles

– 40’x100′ – Seats 400 – 4000sq. ft. – Four Center Poles

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